Our Main Membership Programme

Now we can really get into your Conscious Evolution! Having completed our Introductory course, you’ll now have an appreciation as to what we mean by Conscious Evolution and be ready to commit, on an going basis to the process.

This unique ‘course’ enables an in-depth exploration of Conscious Evolution, through a regular programme of lessons and mentoring provided each month.

It’s structured as a series of intertwining strands which run throughout, each with a specific and powerful focus. The strands include:

Being Natural

What does it mean to be naturally human?

All other creatures are amazing at what they are; but human nature? Often seems so flawed. It needn’t be! In this course we demonstrate how conscious evolution is about becoming more natural, reconnecting you to your natural state, your natural knowing, your natural wisdom and your natural abilities.

Being a 21st Century Taoist

Whilst Western philosophy and practices may have enabled the amazing scientific and technological developments of our species, we would suggest that they have ignored equally important facets of the human potential. By contrast, Eastern philosophies (particularly The Tao and Zen) offer insights into a fundamentally different ways of thinking compared to the West.

In this course we enable you to explore The Tao, practice Zen and to better appreciate the intent and value of conscious evolution from their perspectives.


In this strand we illustrate how certain methods, practices and ideas can be seen as a stepping stone towards Conscious Evolution. Whether you’re an existing practitioners or looking for approaches to support your personal growth journey, here we explore the theory and practice of related techniques to help you integrate them into your life and with each other.


Of all the concepts and commodities that humankind has invented it is probably time that has suffered most from an overly rational and controlling way of thinking. To conscious evolve is to improve our understanding of the nature of time and our relationship with it. Forget Time Management! Our intent is to make friends with time . . .


The first step in conscious evolution for many is some sort of transcendent experience: a peak, spiritual, mystical or other profound experience that takes you beyond normal waking consciousness. This strand explores the theme of ‘going beyond’, taking a normal perspective or ability and expanding on it . . .

In addition to a lesson on each of the above, each month you’ll also have the opportunity to join us for webinars and receive extra podcasts on some of the many facets of Conscious Evolution.

Your £95 per month includes all of the above plus an hour of mentoring with Chris or Keith.

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