An Introduction to Conscious Evolution

This course outlines what we mean by Conscious Evolution and describes what the benefits of undertaking our Conscious Evolution Programme are.

It comprise of 8 lessons facilitated by Chris and/or Keith

You can take this course at your own pace. A suggested duration of 2 months, for example, would require you take them at a lesson a  week.

The Lessons are:

  • Scope and Expectations
  • Working on Yourself
  • The Evolutionary Process
  • Consciousness – First Steps
  • Growth of the Knower
  • The Power of Being Yourself
  • What can you do
  • Next stages: an introduction to the strands of our main course

This course is in development and will be available autumn 2018.

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An Introduction to Conscious Evolution

Pre-enrolment to our Introduction to Conscious Evolution course. You will be e-mailed with all the information you need to participate in our introductory course, as described above, as soon as it is available. There are no prerequisites: if you feel ready to take it, you are!