Our Conscious Evolution Programme

Whilst the process of Conscious Evolution is an on-going one that each person takes at their own pace, we have devised a structured programme of on-line courses that you’ll take in your own time and which will provide you with the context, background and support, insights and experiences that you need to pursue your own conscious evolution effectively.

Tasters & Prequels

If you’re not sure yet if this programme is for you, we provide a series of FREE short Taster & Prequel courses which allow you to sample our courses without making a significant commitment.

Taking some of the ingredients from our main courses and presenting them at an entry level to give you a flavour for our content and approach. Click on the course title to take your chosen course NOW!

Buddha Nature and Christ Consciousness:  From both Eastern and Western religions come the notion of a way of being beyond the normal . ..

Truth or Lie: How can developing our inner voice help us discern fact from fiction in today’s fake-news world? And how to discern whether our inner voice is our true inner voice . . .

An Introduction to Conscious Evolution

This course outlines what we mean by Conscious Evolution and describes what the benefits of undertaking our Conscious Evolution Programme are.

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Conscious Evolution: our main programme

Intended for students already committed to Conscious Evolution, this unique combination of lessons and mentoring enables an in-depth exploration of Conscious Evolution and engagement with your personal progression.

It’s offered on a monthly subscription basis, with on-line lessons and 1-to-1 support provided each month.

It’s structured as a series of intertwining strands which run throughout, each with a specific and powerful focus. The strands currently included are::

  • Being Natural
  • Being a 21st Century Taoist
  • Time (our understanding of it and relationship with it)
  • Practitioner (techniques and practices to support your journey)
  • Beyond . . .

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Tutoring and Mentoring

Inclusive Tutoring

For all but the Tasters and Feeders courses, personal tutoring sessions are an inclusive part of the programme. Within each course there is time allocated for 1-to-1 sessions between our tutors and each student. These enable you and us to get to know each other. As our courses are fundamentally about knowing, what better place to start than with each other! The better we understand and know each other the more quickly and effectively can teaching and learning take place. The tutoring time included in each course is an important part of this process and enables us, together, to explore how each part of the course relates to your own experiences and insights.

Optional Mentoring

Whilst the focus of both the courses and the above tutoring is on Conscious Evolution and related ideas and practices, we recognise the overlap between the Conscious Evolution process and that of personal development & growth. Where students are keen to pursue specific, related, personal development/growth issues alongside our Conscious Evolution Programme our tutors can provide additional 1-to-1 support and guidance as mentoring session. These will help you work on whatever issues you are working on, encourage an integration of the development/growth and evolution processes and enable the use of Conscious Evolution practices and ideas in working on personal issues.

Mentoring is available whether or not you are a student on one of our courses. To order your mentoring session use the PayPal form below. Once we have received your order we will e-mail to make arrangements.

Keith Beasley

Mentoring with Dr Keith Beasley

An hours one-to-one mentoring with Dr Keith over Zoom or equivalent at times to be agreed between us. Based on Keith's 20 years experience as a Reiki Master-Teacher and life-time of guiding and supporting trainees, students and colleagues, these sessions will focus on whatever you need to work on . . .


Residential Retreats

Those enrolled in our course, or above,  will be encourage to attend our residential retreats. These retreats enable more intense and more personal involvement in the process of Conscious Evolution alongside others at a similar stage of development. With the additional of collective group effects, opportunities for significant breakthroughs are greatly enhanced. Details of upcoming retreats will be sent to eligible students.