Truth or Lie?

Welcome to your taster course at Conscious Evolution Today!

This course consists of a short but intense video lesson:

You may find it useful to watch the video a few times and stop frequently whilst watching to reflect on and assimilate the many insights presented.

To help you get the most from our courses and mentoring at Conscious Evolution Today, we strongly urge you to keep some sort of journal, diary or blog (in whatever form suits you best) where you can record any thoughts and feelings that occur as you’re taking each lesson and in the hours, days and months that follow.

As journal entries corresponding to this Truth or Lie? course, please share your experiences and insights on the following questions:

  1. Share a time when, despite inner doubts, you followed your intuition to great effect.
  2. Share a time when you misinterpreted your inner voice . . . and, in hindsight, what you could do better in a similar situation in the future.

If your journal is on-line, please post a link in the comments below. If not, take one or two key points and write about them in the comments below. There is nothing better than sharing our personal insights to help us more fully assimilate new lessons, whether from a course or life!

As more of us share through these comments so we’ll build our community of conscious evolutioneers . . .

Having completed this taster, we hope you’ll now join us for our Introduction to Conscious Evolution Course.

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