Conscious Evolution Today began as a partnership between Chris and Keith, following two years of exploring together our mutual and overwhelming need to reach out and offer an on-line programme on Conscious Evolution. With both of us having wide-ranging backgrounds and having pursued numerous paths of personal growth, our combined perspectives offer a depth and breadth of perspectives and experiences unrivaled in the field.

Althought Chris is no longer with us, this website and related teaching & mentoring continue in his honour.


Chris Thomson

(written c2019)

I have enjoyed a rich life, first as a lawyer and economist, but also as a researcher in scientific Chinese. I then became a national advocate for alternative medicine, while at the same time training to be a psychotherapist. Later I worked in think tanks in Scotland and New Mexico, focusing on ideas and policies that are kinder to people and this planet, and that reflect the fact that we are entering a new global paradigm and leaving modernity behind.

In 2007 I moved to Catalonia, where I now live. In these last 10 years or so I have published many articles and a book (Full Spectrum Intelligence: 2014), and I have run courses in intelligence and consciousness in English and in Spanish. I now focus mainly on Conscious Evolution and Intelligent Simplicity.

Chris lived in the Catalan Pyrenees, where he enjoyed climbing and skiing to his heart’s content. He died in January 2021.

Chris Thomson

In the video below, Chris shared his perspective on Conscious Evolution


Keith Beasley

For 17 I worked in state-of-the-art research and innovation where, as a Quality Assurance (QA) expert I helped to ensure the reliability of silicon chips (as used, for example in the UK’s first digital telephone exchange, System X).

Seeking a change of direction I retrained to offer health & well-being workshops and life-guidance, eventually running retreats in the Algarve (Portugal).

In 2013 I completed a PhD on ‘higher levels of consciousness’: states of mind that practitioners find beneficial to well-being and to their ability to work happily and effectively.

I am now pleased to make available my unique and powerful blend of ancient wisdom, personal in-depth experience and insights from the breadth of consciousness research. I look forward to sharing your journey with you since, by sharing, we’ll all proceed so much more swiftly, effectively and joyously.

Keith Beasley

Please contact me using our contact form.

In the video below, Keith shares his perspective on Conscious Evolution


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