Common Sense Climate Change Action?

I felt I had to mark Climate Change Action Day somehow.

Don’t we simply need to ask whether what we’re doing and using is inherently sustainable or not?

We then need to change some of what we do and use, which might be more tricky (as is any change of habit), but let’s at least start by looking at those products that really don’t belong in an aware society:

  1. Space Heaters – as used in out-door restaurant areas . . .
  2. Leaf-blowers (and think of the reduction in noise pollution too, if they were to be banned!)
  3. Babybel cheeses: I love them, but look at all that packaging!
  4. Mixer taps (look at all the wasted water whilst you’re waiting for them to run hot or cold or that comes out after you’ve turned the tap off!)
  5. Sunday Newspapers (not only a waste of paper, but a great waste of time: find something more inspiring and uplifting to do on Sundays – like go to church as we used to! Many churches are leading Climate Change Action . .. .)

Over to you! Please comment with your Top 5 list of things to ban . . .

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