Not as easy as you’d think

Quite often, towards the end of last year, I would tell people that I relished the opportunity to hibernate. To rest, reflect, do nothing significant for a prolonged period of time. After 2 years of intense upheaval, uncertainty and challenge it seemed like it was just what I needed; to touch base with myself, to recharge and reconnect.

This week I have an opportunity to do just that; but it is not as easy as one might imagine!

I am in between eye operations. Although the first one has been a success and I can see as expected by the surgeon, my clear, unaided sight is at reading distance. I can see to brush my teeth, use my smartphone and even cut my fingernails.

But I cannot see clearly beyond arm’s-length – and it will be 6 weeks before I am able to have an eye test to get my final distance spectacles. So I am off work with an ideal chance to do nothing.

The first challenge is to rise above the frustration of not being able to do all sorts of other things I might like to, to admit my limitations. Rational minds do not like to do either of these things . . . particularly at full moon.

I could spend all my time glued to my smartphone. But I do feel that would be a total waste of the opportunity I have. I do not need to do internet research or keep up to date with the Australian Open tennis, for example. Such activities would just be my rational mind attempting to justify it’s existence . . .

No, I need to use this time to develop my higher consciousness. If, despite my various restrictions at the moment, I can find inner peace, would that not be a useful intent?

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Not as easy as you’d think

  1. Dear Keith,

    thank you for your mail….last week. I am very happy to hear from you.

    I wondered if you stoped your activity in Conscious Evolution or if you kicked me out of your mailing list?

    It is part of my routine as a paver to rest during winter. I could also say hibernate.

    I can remember times when it was a great challenge to sit at home without the possibility to earn some money and simultaneously running the bank account deep down the cellar.

    But it became a routine. And it became a routine to see the days being longer after winter and activity always came back…. very often with more intense than I liked.

    I learned with the years to enjoy the retreat without worrying. Isn’t it great. I put some pieces of wood to the fire look out of the window take a cup of coffee and practice my daily routines.

    I hope that your eyes will recover soon and that all that surgery works well.

    Good luck!




    1. Dear Frank

      Thank you so much for your message. You are very much still on the list. I have just been inactive on the website due to house move and new job amongst other factors.

      Many thanks for your inspiring words regarding hibernation (or retreat). Absolutely; there are times when doing less is exactly what we need.

      The eye surgery seems to have worked OK, thank you. It is now a matter of getting the brain to work with the very different images it is now being presented with. Being in a local Cemetery seems to be a good place to enable that . . .


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