We don’t see the unforeseen until it happens. When it does happen, we see just how unforeseen it was! And we realise how little we foresee.
Ana broke her leg yesterday. We were just settling into high summer here in the Catalan Pyrenees and were looking forward to spending time with my son and his family.

Suddenly there was a yell from the garden. Ana had fallen from some rocks. Four hours later she was on the operating table, wondering about foresight!
Just as I had to slowly recover my mobility and independence after breaking my leg skiing in March, so Ana will have to go through the same process. A few days in hospital, a few weeks confined to bed at home, and then the uncomfortable part – learning to get around on crutches.
My own recovery made me realise how fragile we are, and how dependent we are on each other. It’s a good lesson. I hope it teaches me not to ski when I am tired…and that I am mortal after all. And I hope it teaches Ana not to fall from rocks!
Yes, it is true that we are fragile and dependent on each other. However, in the spirit of evolution, we bounce back, move forward, and continue taking risks and pushing the boundaries, just as before, but armed with a little more experience and humility.

1 August 2018

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