The Big Six Zero

I was born 60 years ago today: here I am not long after.

Over the last few months I’ve been reflecting quite a bit on what’s happened to me and what I’ve achieved in those years.

In many ways I’m pleased to have made it this far. My eyes are bad (and hearing not brilliant) but I’m reasonably healthy. For quite a few years I’ve had some variant of IBS but, recently, through my on-going inner work and deep healing have been able to manage it and not have it be a problem.

I may not be rich but have no debts. I don’t have huge numbers of friend or social media followers but those friends and supporters I have know me well and appreciate those qualities that make me who I am. In many ways, this is a very different person from the lad who left school in Northamptonshire in 1976. That super-hot summer, that many have been thinking back to this year, was the start of my real, independent, life: I started to sing publically whilst an undergraduate.

The beginning of my conscious evolution came a few decades later, after a few experiences (dowsing, Reiki) that forced my rational mind to admit that it didn’t know everything. At about the same time I acknowledged that my failure in meaningful relationships was my own issue. Perhaps my biggest success has been to work on what’s now called Emotional Intelligence. Coincidentally, at the time (1987), one of my starting points, was an article I wrote (for the Mensa magazine) on Emotional Quotient: now recognised as one of the first published uses of the term.

Thus, whilst I questioned very little as an infant or schoolboy and wouldn’t dare challenge any form of authority, from my late 20s onwards I began to see the limitations of conventional education and emphasis on the rational and objective. Slowly but surely I became willing to say so openly, challenging not just one or two rules, but the whole basis on which modern society is based! Through my experiences, with their depth and inner nature, I’ve been able to acknowledge a consciousness beyond the rational which makes far more sense as the basis for my life.

Whilst ages 30-60 were about undoing the conditioning that I’d picked up in the first decade or so of my life, I’m a far more natural me now then I’ve probably been since this babe-in-arms photo. My personal growth and conscious evolution will continue at a pace now: since that is my core, what makes the real me.

They say life begins at 40, when many experience a mid-life crisis. My mid-life crisis started when I was 29 as I started to question. I doubt that turning 60 will mark an end to the questioning nor deep healing crises that often seem to go with it, but at least now I can put it all in the context of conscious evolution  . . . and just go with the flow of the whole amazing process.

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