There seem to be a few lucky people around who, through some fortuitous combination of nature and nurture are naturally flowing. They have few if any hang-ups or chips on their shoulder, they’re open to new experiences and ideas and live fully engaged in each moment, enjoying all that reality has to bring them.

For many (most?) of us however, from what I can make out, life is far less flowing and much more of a challenge. It may not be obvious to the casual observer or even to those who know us quite well, but underneath a calm exterior and apparent successful life there often lies, it seems, some anxiety or other; some fear or even dread. And/or some deep depression or hurt. And/or some other set of negative feelings that if not haunt us can often get in the way of a free-flowing joyous life.

Because of such ‘stuff’, much of the time (says he speaking from the experience of anxiety of uncertain futures, for example), the mind is worrying about what might be, dwelling on past discomforts or projecting expectations of a wanted future. So, not surprisingly, we’re not present and not really able to engage, fully, lovingly, into each moment.

Such theory is well accepted in personal self-development circles. By also considering ones spiritual development, there often comes a recognition of a higher (spiritual, cosmic) aspect to reality. The experience of those on such paths is that by connecting into such a divine energy/power/authority then all other frustrations take on a lesser significance. In consciousness terms, becoming conscious of that which is beyond our individual selves, in our day-to-day lives, helps an evolving soul to put past, present and future into some sort of perspective.

For example: I might be pre-occupied by a job I’ve applied for. The old scaredy-cat bits of me may be worried by what would be  big move and many facets of it. But here and now, until I hear whether I have an interview, there’s little I can do about it. Or is there?

Going for a walk, to take my mind off things, we notice and enjoy one tree with some amazing bark and another, in a damp, shady area, covered in moss. I stroke it: it’s moist. There’s  a whole other world here: a depth of reality waiting for a consciousness to appreciate it.

Later, whilst in a healing reflection, I’ll focus on a deeper connection into life beyond time: allowing past attachments to dissolve in a more meaningful now. And, just perhaps, my consciousness will meld with the here and now (and possible near future) at my sought-after place of work, and I’ll just know a little bit more about what they would expect from me and how it might match, or differ t from, my dreams. All of this might be wordless and felt, deep down. But my conscious awareness of reality will have been expanded. And, when I wake up the next morning, I could intuitively or through a dream have an insight or two about my impending future . . . that will help me to know what I need to know . . . and be, just a tad, less worried about it.

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