World Peace?

The majority of the Earth’s population would probably rather like world peace: presumably only those with vested interests in maintaining instability and conflicts would prefer things to stay as they are? The rest of us, the billions of ordinary, decent folk would surely much rather be living in peace and harmony with each other!

But looking around the globe today it’s hard to see the possibility of humanity at peace with itself anytime soon. We have not only wars between political (and/or religious) factions, but on-going terrorist activity and disputes at all levels: from national to family, from court-room to board-room.

How might all of this be turned around?

Through consciously evolving how we think.

It’s quite simple really: whatever the source of disagreement, whatever the belief or issue underlying the war or other conflict, it boils down to two individuals, or groups of individuals, having differing and fixed views about something. Let’s not get caught up on what that something might be and let us, for the purpose of this discussion, not even begin to identify (let alone attempt to justify) any particular pros and cons to any given argument.

The wise way forward, the consciously evolved approach to such a situation, is to rise above all such ways of thinking.

Consider instead a mode of consciousness that transcends any and all dualities or ideas of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

At this level of evolved consciousness, each and every human individual, whatever their belief or background, is, first and foremost, a fellow human-being. We all see each other as another conscious being: a human with the same basic needs. Let us not even label or categorise those needs: instead we can choose to be aware of each and every other person sharing this planet as ‘one of us’ . . . an earthling. Not from Mars or Beetlejuice, not an alien: like us one of the indigenous species of planet Earth.

Bring about that acceptance, enable that level of consciousness and world peace will naturally follow.

The more of us who consciously commit to the process of becoming more accepting of those who are different to ourselves, the more conscious will our species as a whole become and the quicker the process becomes.

So many existing strategies, policies, even laws and regulations are already encouraging us in this direction: equality and sustainability being primary example. Whilst such campaigns  are undoubtedly taking us in the right direction their impact is often slow in coming or not having significant impact. Why? Because the deeper level of change that is really necessary is not taking place. Processes may be changing, superficial changes may be underway, but the change that matters is at the level of consciousness: how we relate to each other at a fundamental level. When we truly see every other human being as ‘like us’, then, and only then, will we have a single, shared human consciousness. Once that happens, wars become impossible. When we feel a bond of common-aliveness and shared experience then conflicts dissolve before they develop.

To bring about world peace requires that we become fully conscious, that we engage in a personal and collective conscious evolutionary process: allowing our deepest inner need to change us, from the inside out. And change us in such a way that our species (as a whole: not just the rich, not just those who follow a particular ‘ology) survives and prospers. That means no wars, no conflicts: that means developing to become the naturally co-operative creatures that most of us know (in our hearts and souls) is possible and desirable.

You may say that there’s nothing new in any of these ideas. Probably not. The underlying philosophy to most, if not all faiths, emphasises loving compassion. What is different is that at this point in humanity’s history, we are ready and able to rise above religious or other ideology. Now, through being conscious of what it means to be human, beyond labels and beliefs, we can choose to allow our common human spirit to express itself in harmonious, co-creational ways.

Such a process requires identifying where the conventional mind-set and established ways of thinking may be getting in the way of peaceful co-existence, to see such conditioned reactions for what they are and to encourage and enable each other to take the next steps forward together, as one evolving humanity.

Throughout human history to-date, numerous practices have developed that help us reconnect to this deeper sense of ‘what it means to be human’. Now we can all use them without getting too attached to any associated labels or concepts. What matters is the intent: to consciously evolve, nothing less. What else have we been put on Earth for!?

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