And 2+2 = 5

What if someone were to tell you that two plus two is not four but five?

And what if you were to know, deep down that they were actually correct in that assertion?

Conscious Evolution is about facing and going along with such developments on an on-going day-to-day basis.

For although 2+2=4 is the numerical language and mathematical convention that most of us have been brought up with it certainly isn’t the only one. We may also say, for example, that 010+010=100 or “dau a dau arall”. It all depends what we’ve been brought up with.

“Two” is a word and “2” a number that mankind has devised to help us work things out. It’s no more than that. They’re not real. They have no permanence or meaning outside of certain rational human interactions.

Consider a group of hunter-gatherers in one of the few remaining isolated communities on our planet. They may have no idea of ‘conventional’ mathematical terminology. But they will know when they have caught enough fish or gathered enough nuts to feed their family. Is that being any less conscious than us, so called, developed, humans? Some anthropologist may spend their life-time trying to work out how their concept of counting and ability to quantify is the same as or different to those of us who gather and hunt from supermarkets. The chances are, however, that they’ll be a lot better at, naturally, taking into account variations in the size of the produce  . . . and wouldn’t expect every carrot to be a ‘standard’ or ‘perfect’ shape . . .

Likewise, a whole host of other ideas, conventions, rules and beliefs that our heads are typically full of.

For example, as I was shutting the curtains at dusk the other night, I couldn’t help but notice a couple of young lads (5-6 years old perhaps) standing at the edge of the play area outside our house. Just chatting, perfectly reasonably. But something in my mind screamed at me “No!” “That’s not right!”. Presumably because I never played outside at that age when it got dark (and certainly not when it was pretty chilly as it is in the UK now), something in me just did not want to accept that these kids were doing just that.

I’d like to just accept them and ignore them, but to see them challenges the ‘rule’ in my head that young kids don’t play outside when it’s cold or dark. The strength of that remembered ‘fact’ is so strong that to even superimpose onto it my recent observed evidence results in serious mental conflict! But that is what I have to do: to conscious evolve from my conditioned set of beliefs and, instead, accept the reality of the world around me.

Such deeply embedded beliefs take some dissolving, but that’s probably what a Zen-like empty-mind requires: an ability to accept what is. How? I guess like any good parent, teacher, mentor or Master: through being firm but kind. By being aware each time the mind starts to judge or to focus on the old perspective, and to then gently overlay the new image. It’s not a fight! What we resist persists, so it’s a matter of lovingly reassuring ourselves that it’s time to move on, time to replace the old bit of thinking with a more realistic one. And yes, at times it might seem harder than accepting that 2+2 might equal 5!

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