Structured Chaos?

'Structured Chaos' a drawing by Dr Keith Beasley

Needing to unwind yesterday and remembering that it had been a long time since I did any drawing I found out my watercolour pencils. As I did so, a folder of protractors and compasses (that I use when running mandala sessions) fell open. I went with the flow and decided to make use of them. The above is the result. It was all totally unplanned, it just came out that way.

Quite pleased with the result it occurred to me that ‘Structured Chaos’ would be a suitable title: does it not illustrate a balance between the two ideas?

That was yesterday. Today I found myself unable to let go of a technical irritation. Here at Conscious Evolution Today our small team share the tasks of creating and posting our blogs. So, I’d set up a shared DropBox folder to keep our files together. For some reason my colleagues couldn’t access it. I found myself getting really annoyed “But you SHOULD be able to!” rang loud in my head. I confided in my partner: “it’s because you want order” she volunteered.

The truth hit me like a sledgehammer. Beneath all my justifications for why the situation was ‘wrong’ was a deeply embedded belief that “there’s a place for everything and everything must be in its place”. Order is paramount! That’s how I was brought up and how, despite decades of working to erase such rules form my head, my mind will judge situations given half the chance.

The reality, at the level of Cosmic Consciousness and inner peace, is that “it doesn’t matter”. Nothing really matters. It’s all another lesson to me in letting go.

Elsewhere in my blogs and lessons I’ll talk about ‘the mystic order’: how nature has structure and order but, to the human mind, it often seems chaotic. Compare and contrast that to the conditioned idea of ‘order’ and related “shoulds” (about how life ought to be) that fills the minds of many of us. Mmm!

And so, my picture, drawn yesterday, takes on a whole different significance . . .

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