Busy doing nothing

I’ve always liked this quaint Bing Crosby song (from the film A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court).

As an aspiring Taoist the idea of “going nowhere” resonates: although a Taoist would probably never be “busy” as such. Likewise, having no time to be unhappy is rather Zen.

The whole feel of the song is of being in the flow, not striving, allowing. And, as a Leo, I do like the notion of basking in the sun after a hard chase and hearty meal.

In this day and age however, doing nothing is usually frowned upon as a sign of laziness, of not doing enough. The trouble is, appearances can be deceptive. Just because I, or anyone else, isn’t physically doing something, doesn’t mean we’re not doing something worthwhile.

Take the humble sloth, for example. It takes all his energy to digest the low-value food (leaves and twigs) that it lives on.

I digest unpalatable facts and ideas that seem to be ahead of the times.

At this stage of my conscious evolution, I seem to need to spend significant periods of time ‘doing nothing’ whilst my mind assimilates. Given how unconventional many of my views seem to be, it can be a tough job to reconcile the deep inner knowing I now have to acknowledge with the currently perceived understanding as to what life is about and how we’re meant to live it.

I envisage all those millions, or perhaps billions, of neurons in my brain realigning: as old beliefs and attitudes are dissolved and a whole different way of ‘thinking’ gradually evolves. No wonder I need to do nothing!

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