The Return of Magic: Part Two

In Part One I said that real magicians know the deeper nature of the world and the deeper nature of the human being, as well as the significant relationships between these two deeper natures. From this knowledge, and the “esoteric” training associated with it, their unusual abilities flow. Today I will try to explain what I mean by “deeper nature”.

The physicist David Bohm wrote about this in his groundbreaking book “Wholeness and the Implicate Order” (1980). It was his attempt to find an explanation for the strange, “impossible” phenomena of quantum physics. The best known of these is “non-locality” or “entanglement”. This is instantaneous connection, regardless of distance. Scientists discovered that when two sub-atomic particles interact in some way, they retain an eternal and instantaneous connection, regardless of how separate they become from each other. It could be a million miles or a million light years. The connection is always instantaneous – it takes no time to happen. The normal limitations of the speed of light do not apply. It is very significant that this instantaneous connection also applies to time, as well as space. One particle could be in the distant future, or past, it does not make any difference. The two are still instantaneously connected. If this seems impossible, we need to remind ourselves that Einstein and others showed us that space and time are inextricably connected. So much so, that they are effectively a single entity, “space-time”.  To put this idea on a more general basis, it means that everything in the universe – whatever its size or nature – is intimately connected to everything else. This includes us, because we are part of the universe. It is this fact – of total connectivity through space and through time, that makes magic possible.

What was previously believed to be impossible is now known not only to be possible, but also to be a normal characteristic of the universe. Incidentally, these “strange connections” have been experimentally verified many times ever since John Bell first mooted the idea in 1964. (Non-locality is implied in Bell’s Theorem)

I hope it has not escaped your attention that what has become accepted in science actually forms the basis for magic. If instantaneous connection is possible across great distances in space or time, this surely suggests that telepathy (“feeling at a distance”) and precognition (“knowing something before it happens”) are equally possible. I will return later to this theme – the relationships between magic (the paranormal) and the findings of science, because there are other, equally important, findings. Meanwhile, back to Bohm. In essence, Bohm was saying three things, each of which is relevant to magic:

The Cosmos (the universe) is a unified, undivided whole. It does not have separate “parts”. Of course, it is convenient and practical for us to see things as “parts”, but this is only because our normal waking consciousness is restricted to the physical plane, in which “parts” and separateness feel real.

Everything – and I do mean everything! – is intimately and instantly connected to everything else, through space and through time. This includes us.

Our normal daily reality is the “explicate order”. This is underpinned, and constantly informed by, the invisible “implicate order”. It is here where strange connections and magic happen.

Although not all scientists subscribe to these three beliefs, more and more of them do. However, what’s missing from science, but very present in magic, is the form of consciousness (or perception, if you prefer) that enables one to experience the implicate order directly. Scientists have to speculate about it, and they feel the need to have to prove it exists. Magicians have no need to speculate or to prove it exists. They know it exists, because they can see it, just as when you look in the direction of a tree, you see it for yourself and know that it exists. You don’t feel the need to prove anything!

In Part Three I will explore how to “awaken” the form of consciousness that will enable you to experience the implicate order directly for yourself. In doing so, you will see that magic and the “paranormal”, are not only possible, but actually quite normal!




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