Get Real!

How often have you been told to ‘Get Real!’, perhaps having expressed some hope for humanity or desire for yourself?

How often have you told somebody else to ‘Get Real!’ when they’ve given their view of a situation which bears little relation to the reality as you see it?

In the context of conscious evolution and personal growth, getting real takes on a more powerful significance. Recognising when we’re not being realistic and putting the effort into brining our view of the world in line with how it actually is, is an essential aspect of personal evolution. How can we hope to achieve our potential if we’re insisting that things are different to how they actually are?

That isn’t to say we shouldn’t dream, or explore other possible realities, or even work towards them (visioning is also an important skill on the conscious evolution path). However, before we can move forward realistically, we need to know where we’re starting from! If you’re asking for directions, you’ll not be impressed if they assume your starting point is not where you are, will you?

Getting Real is about being present: acknowledging the current reality and responding to it naturally and fully. It can apply at a very basic level. For example, how I came to be writing this before 8am on a Sunday morning:

I’d had a fascinating Saturday evening and took quite a while to get to sleep as my mind assimilated the hours before. But, eventually, I slept until, not knowing when, I was aware of being reasonable awake. I became conscious of a need to ‘use the bathroom’ . . . and my mind, having assimilated the previous night, began to offer potential blogs to me. Eventually the mental and physical pressures overcame the desire to carry on sleeping and I looked at the clock: not even 7am and still very dark outside.

Taking a deep breath, I thought ‘Get Real!’ Neither the uncomfortable bladder nor the creative urge to write are going to go away. Even if I insist on trying to go back to sleep, the chances are I’ll not succeed or, if I do, the sleep will be restful. The reality is that I’m awake. Don’t deny it! Get up and get on with the day! Sunday, the day of rest, or not.

And that is how this blog came about.

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