Extinction or Evolution?

It’s Creation Day today, at least in the Christian calendar. At my local church, St Paul’s in Clifton, Bristol, our vicar, David, took the opportunity to talk about the Extinction Rebellion. If, as science now tells us, we have just 12 years to pull humanity back from extinction, now could be a very good time to question what creation, evolution and our religion or faith are all about!

As I reflected on this during communion, right on cue, the bright Spring sun illuminated the stained glass above the altar and the sopranos of the choir hit their soaring top notes.

I cried.

Personally, I might have (and indeed have had) similarly moving experiences at a Buddhist meditation, pagan moot or artistic performance but, whatever the enabling event, at that moment, I was connected into the deeper essence of life.

Now, just imagine what the world could be like if, by 12 years’ time, all decisions, personal, political or commercial, were made from such a place of cosmic, divine, consciousness?

And our role in this? Probably, to foster our own ability to attain a true state of sacred presence . . . and to encourage and enable others to do likewise . . .

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