A gentle nudge here . . .

Here at Conscious Evolution Today Chris and I will often discuss where and how we can make a difference. We can see a huge need to encourage and enable a conscious evolution amongst our fellow human-beings and often bemoan the fact that there seems little appetite for such a shift in how we think and behave.

I suspect that an important factor here is that we cannot (as Einstein reportedly stated) solve a problem with the same way of thinking that created the problem in the first place. That is, we cannot move on from a paradigm of rote learning, instruction and control of information through trying to control when and how others learn!

If one of the big issues is the belief within humanity that we can make things happen, plan and force change, then adopting that same approach to conscious evolution is hardly likely to be effective, is it! As aspiring Taoists, the approach, surely, has to be one of allowing . . .

Thus, evolving in my mind of recent months has been the idea of IMPLICIT conscious evolution, as opposed to EXPLICIT. That is, rather than having a preconceived plan (who, what, where, why, when and how) as to how human consciousness can be shifted to a higher level and then systematically implementing that plan, we adopt a more flowing, ‘as and when’ approach. A gentle nudge here, an appropriate few words there. If the individuals we encounter in our lives are not ready for a direct attack on their way of thinking then we’ll have to do it ‘gently, gently’. Subtly and naturally rather than as a conventional academic institution might: drumming the n’th times table (or more adult equivalent) into its students.

For example, in films and shows. Often, as in Urinetown (which I reviewed yesterday), the ones that make the lasting impression and get you reflecting at deeper levels are not the ones that knock you over with sheer forcefulness or dramatic impact: of the latter, that is all you remember! Likewise, I’ve found to my cost, if I’m too eager to ‘tell it like it is’, that my truthfulness just brings up the shutters of fear and/or denial.

Yes, there are a few individuals that are ready to hear the sort of home truths that Chris and I like to share. We look forward to working with you (see here for what we can offer). If you’ve worked out for yourself that intuition is a valuable trait and you want to develop it, that’s brilliant. Unfortunately, it seems that such with-it people are still few and far between. But that doesn’t mean that everybody else is a lost cause.

Thus, I may be chatting, as most folks like to do and, whenever someone lets out a deeper thought, having perhaps let their rational guard down for a moment, I’ll immediately give their deeper voice acknowledgement. Even when talking about the weather: how the hot spell is unseasonable, for example. Plenty of scope there for gently nudging into greater consciousness the here-and-now reality of global warming . . .

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