I’ll shortly be moving. In the language of a few decades ago, to new lodgings. Now they call it house/flat sharing or room renting or short-term lets. If things themselves don’t change then the words we use to describe them do!

Although it intuitively feels like a good move and is, logically, the right move for this point in time, bits of being are reacting badly. Thoughts of what might be, grieving for what has become known and comfortable (even if frustrating at times) have brought on cold-flu symptoms and some IBS, for example. I don’t seem to like or handle change and uncertainty very well. But who does?

Perhaps there are a few who welcome change and willingly throw themselves into it. But then, how are such individuals with non-change? Are they able to enjoy the steady-state . . . or is all the changing and doing preventing them from facing themselves?

As with much in life it’s not that we need to be comfortable with change or non-change but to be able to handle which is appropriate at any given moment. That’s the Zen way!

Knowing that I was resisting or reacting against change has been a big part of my consciously evolving journey. Building on Susan Jeffers’ Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway I’ve been intent on facing fears (of success as well as failure) for many years now. I also came across this little saying:

Welcome uncertainty into your life:
it gives the angels change to perform miracles!

And so it does! By clinging to the old and known, are we not preventing the very change we need to improve our lives and ourselves?

And yet, two or three decades on, this necessary and positive change is triggering all manner of ‘what if?’ thoughts in my head and stomach churning ‘but . . .’ feelings.

So again, I’m facing the deeper demons and helping my mind to ‘let go and let God’. How? My approach is this:

By being mindful, being present (using all manner of techniques I’ve acquired over the years) I do my best to connect to ‘what is’, the collective consciousness. From this place, in my current situation, for example, I’ll be tuning into the reality of my new lodgings. Not consciously: above and beyond words. By being cosmically conscious, I can help my mind let go of old ideas, face fears and prepare itself for how life is going to be. At this level of knowing, there is nothing I don’t know, so nothing to fear!

Well, that’s the theory! And, slowly but surely, it’s working. Not only in each fear-inducing situation but at a deeper level: gradually I’m getting more able to respond to situations naturally rather than reacting through doubt or fear.

Given how prevalent anxiety and other mental-health issues are in today’s society that would seem to be a big change in the right direction.

And that raises an interesting postscript: in the last few years, in the UK at least, mental health has become a hot potato. Finally we can talk about anxiety and know that we’re not alone if it sometimes cripples us. Thanks to Prince William and Prince Harry, amongst others, the reality of debilitating mental health issues has become something that government, business and families can talk about honestly and openly. Now that is a big positive change; and an indicator that humanity really is evolving for the better.

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