When the mind gets in the way

Over the last week I’ve had two examples of where my intent to be flowing and fully conscious didn’t quite work out. No: let’s be more honest! I had two examples of where my mind got in the way. Not ‘the’ mind, my mind.

I had been due to pick up a wheelchair which I was borrowing from my local church. I’d received instructions on where I’d find in and thought I knew where it would be. Yesterday I went to pick it up. It wasn’t where I was expecting to find it. A frantic phone exchange over the next hour revealed a simple misunderstanding: in my head I’d identified the wrong door. Now, had I been fully in the flow at the time, I would have realised I’d got it wrong and known where this chair really was. But no. Said brain/mind didn’t want to admit it had got it wrong and I was left in a fluster.

Whilst still trying to make sense of the missing chair I was due to meet my family for a meal at a local steak-house. I’d assumed I knew the restaurant in question. I went there at the appointed time: wrong restaurant! Right street, different name. Not wanting to be late I looked up the address on-line and walked the extra hundred metres up the road to join my waiting folks. But how embarrassing!

These are just two little, personal examples. But similar errors are occurring all day, every day, all around the world. Not just to individuals in their personal lives but to business and political leaders. Assumptions are made, often with dire consequences.

And where do the majority of our decisions come from? From a place of thinking we know or, worse, thinking we know best. Do we ‘eck as like! (as they’d say in Yorkshire).

Conscious evolution is about being honest about this; being freely willing to admit that it was our mind that got in the way of making the best decision; that we’d make erroneous assumptions; tried to control something that was best left to take its own course . . . or otherwise let our mind over-ride the inner knowing.

Each time we can bring our mind to account, lovingly, with understanding, so a more integrated, connected state of consciousness, slowly but surely emerges.

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