What do you Do?

Being new to a city (Bristol, UK) and keen to get myself known, I’ve been getting out and about and meeting people. Inevitably they will ask me “what do you do?”

Initially, I was rather taken aback by the question and would offer some vague answer along the lines of ‘wearing a lot of hats’. But, gradually, I found the courage to be honest and open about what it is I do:

“I encourage and enable humanities conscious evolution.”

I am glad to report that although my statement often results in some surprise or puzzlement, once I get talking about what it is I do, I do find a lot of understanding and resonance with it. This process of conscious evolution may be in its early stages but as it is (I would say) inherent to being human, any reasonably aware individual will, given a few prompts, recognise what I am talking about.

And so, just by meeting people and talking about what it is I do, I am doing what I do: i.e. helping anyone who is willing to listen to become more aware of the way that they, I, we, are all changing . . . and need to change.

Not only are these conversations part of this evolutionary process, but many related issues often emerge.

For example, another question that I am almost inevitably asked is, in one form or another, is: “Do you make any money out of it?”

Having the courage to rise above any embarrassment I might feel, I have to admit that no, I don’t. It is, after all, very early days in something that is very new.

The question having been raised, however, gives me the opportunity to ask about meaning and purpose to our lives. Shouldn’t what we do have some deeper, inner purpose?

Again, I am pleased to report, that in response to this question, most people seem to agree: we do need to recognise and work with our deeper, inner voices; now more than ever.

And so, although in the past what we do has been equated with how we earn our living, there is a growing recognition that this is, perhaps, not really what life is about . . .

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