All or Nothing: Nothing yet All

For various reasons of no real relevance to this blog I need to move. I have to find a new place to live in the next month. Since that’s the sort of time-frame letting agents work to around here, that’s fine. The sort of place I’m looking for (a modest one-bed or studio apartment) is in great demand in Bristol generally, particularly around here  but they become available all the time.

To get my ideal place I have to be patient. I’m signed up to numerous agents who’ll contact me when suitable places come up. I just have to allow this process to take its course.

I then have to be with it. To pick up the message, identify it as relevant to me and act immediately: call and arrange a viewing ASAP.

I then have to tune into the place to be able to determine if this place is the one for me.

Then I have to be able to make an instant decision.

Failure to do any of these steps and I’ll not succeed. Such is the reality of flat hunting in a desirable city such as Bristol.

The process is understood, the reality is accepted. What’s the problem!

No problem . . . just the need to stay alert, yet chilled; connected yet not attached.

In short, the way to succeed is to be the 21st Century Taoist we talk about on Conscious Evolution Today: to rise above the inevitable anxieties and feelings of frustration.

It will require a ‘nothing yet all’ consciousness: not overly worried or expectant about any particular predetermined outcome; open to all possibilities  . . . because the eventual outcome could look nothing like what I might currently have in mine . ..  yet be even better for me.

So, I open my mind to ‘all’, to the energy of any and all suitable properties that I’m not currently rationally aware of whilst recognising that ‘nothing’ is yet manifest. I have to allow the process to evolve. That’s (another reason) why we call it an evolutionary consciousness! As I home in on my next home, so it will manifest.

Contrast that to the modern consciousness approach of ‘All or Nothing’; the dualistic way of thinking where all one’s apples are put in the same basket. All efforts would be put into finding the flat that ticks all the predetermined boxes and all the focus and emotional energy into that single-minded search.

Over the decades of previous house moves, I can look back at two times when I did it the ‘all or nothing’ way, insisting on some rational argument for a given choice, even though things were not flowing in that direction. On both occasions my move was delayed by many months.

Conversely, I can recall a number of other moves where my intent has been to allow, to focus on tuning in and following higher guidance. On all of those occasions the whole move has been a flowing experience.

Those memories are coming in very handy now!

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