Meant To Be

Some people believe that some things are just meant to be. We call it Fate, Kismet, Destiny. For example, we may meet someone or go somewhere and feel this powerful, indescribable sense of rightness. It’s as if there has always been a strong connection between us and this other person or particular place which has now become present in this here and now.

In a society where we are brought up to believe that everything is controllable by ourselves or at least some other human being, this can be a scary thought; or perhaps one we don’t even want to consider at all: but denial does not make it not real.

That’s weird enough: but now let’s take a step into the quantum world.

Quantum entanglement is where two subatomic particles although separated by a considerable distance seem inextricable and instantaneously connected.

Take, for example, two electrons separated at the time they were created. They go their separate ways. Eventually it is time for them to manifest into a particular physical thing, to be observed. If one spins clockwise the other will also spin clockwise. One will always appear in the same state as the other.

They seem to know what each other is thinking; just like we might experience when being with a soulmate!

These two ideas have got much in common: might not destiny and quantum entanglement be two facets of reality that originate from the same source? Are they both not two examples of the same phenomenon? One being a reflection of the other: as above so below. What’s natural at the quantum world being reflected in the human world.

That’s probably not going to stop the rational human mind asking questions but it at least provides some context and the possibility of consistency to the answers.

Thus in response to “How?” (does all of this happen) we might refer to the Higgs Field; or we might be willing to accept that this is just how things are  . . . and the mechanism really isn’t important.

And as to “Why?” Well, isn’t “it’s meant to be” answer enough?

Life and evolution presumably have some purpose which it knows only too well. All that’s left for us to do is to stop asking stupid questions and immerse ourselves in it.

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