12 Reflective Days of Christmas – Day 11

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me … eleven lovers loving

I don’t just mean lovers as in in a couple who are special to each other, I mean individuals who are loving in all manner of ways. I mean taking each and every moment as an opportunity for engaging in all Aspects of Love. From love of nature to brotherly love; from community spirit to erotic love, not forgetting motherly love and self love. No, not the self obsessed type of self-love but being respectful of our own uniqueness and caring for our own inner needs.

Heart shape embracing 7 'aspects of love'
‘Aspects of Love’ from ‘Reiki Without Rules’ by Keith Beasley (Lulu 2007)

All of these, together, are aspects of a higher, universal love. This love is available to us all: a perfect gift that we can share in so many ways throughout the days and months of our life.

Follow me for the next verse, tomorrow.

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