Give me a still pond or lake and I love to just wonder at the reflections we see ‘in’ it. We may be looking down, but the whole of space above is displayed before us.As above so below

It reminds me of the holographic effect: look at a small fragment of a hologram and the whole of the image is visible to us. In the same way, the whole of our personality can be perceived by an iridologist looking into our eyes or a reflexologist working on our feet.

The whole is reflected in every part: as above so below. Our personal physical state (our health) is reflected in the external world around us and in our life-situation. And both are reflected in our emotional state and deeper spiritual sense of well-being and awareness.

Thus, if we keep meeting angry people, it could be that we’re not acknowledging our own anger. And, when we cultivate our inner compassion and sense of peace form within, that could explain why folks we meet smile at us; just as the tree I see in the lily pond at Bodnant Gardens perfectly reflects the one planted at the other end of the pond!

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