In the beginning human-beings were natural, flowing creatures . . . like all animals are.

Then we discovered fire, invented the wheel and developed language. The rest of our evolutionary story is, as they say, history: an on-going history and evolution with many facets.

Take the way we think, our type and level of consciousness. In the beginning we had the consciousness of a mammal: in tune with its environment, able to think conceptually enough to develop and use tools.

Then someone invented religion. Our innate spiritual and mystic natures were described and explained in words, theories and theology.

Then, because religions were becoming too powerful, we invented science. Rational consciousness because the de-facto way of thinking, and objectivity the by-word for being human.

Then, in the 1960s, or thereabouts, grassroots movements involving significant numbers of individuals began to make themselves heard in mainstream human society: the peace movement, the personal-development movement, the environmental and inter-faith movements, for example. Each, in their own way, questioning the prevailing norm. Each, with their particular focus, demonstrating an awareness of the state of humanity (and of our planet) beyond that offered by the established objective, rational norm.

As we progress into the 21st Century, these movement are merging, their underlying unity and common-cause resonating with an evolutionary imperative to improve, to change our behaviour (which means changing how we ‘think’) to better improve our chances of surviving and prospering.

Because this can be seen as part of humanity’s adaptation to world events, we can call this an evolutionary process. Because we are making it happen, within our own lives and thus in society, we can call in Conscious Evolution. Because it’s concerned with how we think and an expansion of awareness, we can describe it as an evolution of human consciousness.

Whether any given one of us engages with the process or not, is up to us, but it’s a movement anyone can be a part of. We hope you’ll join us.


About the image

This building in Shrewsbury (on the Wales-England border) illustrates my point well. At the time the photo was taken (2012) it was a local branch of ‘Relate’ (previously the National Marriage Guidance Council). When it was build, many hundreds of years previously, there would have been no professional counselling service: it had yet to be systematised. Nowadays, those within the conscious evolution movement, whilst they might turn to such services as support, would, more typically, take it upon themselves to identify the cause of their relationship difficulties and be willing and able to, consciously, evolve their ways of thinking and behaving to improve their own love life.

The picture also prompts the question: when you’re in the presence of something ancient how willing and able are you to take yourself back to its early days and KNOW what life was like, THEN?

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