It’s too late by then . . .

Of the many lessons that we are learning during this pandemic one is about the COVID-19 virus itself. That by the time we can detect it, measure it, test for it, it is too late. The infection may already have taken hold and we may have transmitted it to many other people. The damage may well already have been done.

This is perhaps not really surprising.  A similar thing is true in the electronics world: by the time we can detect that a given gadget, or whole electronic system, is on it’s way out, it is already too late to stop what might be a catastrophic failure. In my previous career, as a reliability manager, we went to great lengths to identify indicators; things that we could measure which would give us a chance to correct problems before they became major ones. But . . .

Despite its many techniques, science is still pretty coarse when it comes to measuring the mysterious workings of the human body. How many people do you know who have been told by the medical profession that they do not really know what they are suffering from . . . . or it’s cause or how to treat it? So why do we put such faith in it?

It is not as if there is no alternative. Many of us are already using some form of complementary or alternative medicine. And underlying an holistic approach to health is the idea that, within us, we know what is wrong. And what the root cause is. And how we can treat it. And, most amazing of all, how we could prevent it!

Deep down, we know. Common sense tells us that large gatherings are not sensible in the current situation. An innate Wisdom will keep us away from places we really do not need to go. Intuition will guide us . . . if we only listen!

For example I had seen adverts for the circus that was being held on Clifton Down. We were both excited by the idea and longing for some live entertainment. In the end we did not go. Somehow other things got in the way of us arranging it. However, coincidentally, we happened to be passing through the area whilst it was on. The crowds made me at shudder. I realised that I would not have felt comfortable going. Thankfully this inner knowing had, subconsciously in this case, ensured that I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong: I’m sure that the circus did a wonderful job of encouraging social distancing and so on. But it was, for me at least, too many people in too close proximity. And that, both logic and intuition can agree, is counter to common sense.

We do not need to wait for the government to tell us to do or not do something. By the time they decide what to do it is already too late! To survive this pandemic, both individually and collectively, we have to start listening to our own innate wisdom.

Do you remember? That still small voice inside . . .

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