3 Steps to Heaven

It can happen at any time; probably when you least expect it and often when you are not looking for it. That moment, often fleeting, of recognition.  A heart-stopping few seconds that transport your whole being somewhere new, different, exciting. It may be a special someone; it may also be a special something . . .  an activity that generate a spark. Most importantly, it will be an experience that one will never forget.

It may be your first sound of a harp being played, a first day gardening, a demonstration of dowsing, or anything! It is not the what. It may not even be the ‘who’. But there will be some things that cannot be put into words. Call it love; for me it was Reiki.

Often. unfortunately, that is it. If we are not consciously ready to take this moment forward, it will die.

It however we are self-aware enough to realise the significance of this moment of transcendence, then we will just have to take the next step; to follow-up, to pursue; to seek the source of the indescribable.

Very likely we will make a decision to commit to a given path; I signed up for Usui Reiki training, for example.

Eventually, if you stick with it and are willing and able to undo your mental blocks that will get in the way, you and your practice will become inseparable. Instead of a habit, it will become part of you: a vital part, because this is the real, inner you. Not just a few thoughts or feelings or even a passion. And certainly not something that disconnects you from the world around. On the contrary. Now we have progressed beyond falling in love to being truly IN love.

The process is likely to be long and painful. We will have to grieve as we give up old ways of thinking. There are likely to be bouts of depression even anger. All this is part of letting go.

Eventually you will be able to surrender into the moment. To immerse yourself in the present . . . each and every moment.

Or put another, with thanks to Showaddywaddy for first identifying the three-stage process to me:

Step one: you find someone to love.

You recognise an intimate connection between you, your true self and some other person or facet of our wonderful world. You feel, perhaps for the first time, something deeper, more meaningful than the typically superficial currently so prevalent in the world. It touches you. It makes you realise that there is something more. Some call it ‘spiritual’, some ‘energetic’, but the label doesn’t matter. You have a glimpse, just a slightest sense of something that cannot be described, that connects us all.

Step 2: she falls in love with you.

You engage with her or it, taking any and all opportunity to be with this deeper meaning in life. You allow your mind to broaden with new concepts, new ideas beyond the purely rational. You allow the connection to fuel your own inner seeking and willingness to let go of your old conditioned ways of doing things.

Step 2 is about commitment: it is about engaging with the process of personal, inner growth . . .

Step 3: you kiss and hold her tightly

Finally, you surrender into it. This relationship is not between you and a.n. other: you are one. There is no separation . . . between you and life itself.

Whereas in Step 2 the old you may be fighting it all, finding reasons to not do things, justifying everything with logic, in Step 3, all this is gone. Life is pure flow. A natural state of being wholly and truly a human in this amazing world.

That sure seems like heaven to me!

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