On 29th of December 2020, following a heart attack, Chris, my cofounder of Consciousness Evolution Today, passed away. My deepest sympathy to Anna, his family and everyone else who knew him well.

One thing we can be sure of is that in whatever form his energy, soul, spirit, essence (whatever you might want to call the consciousness that was Chris), lives on, it, he, will be engaging fully with whatever the afterlife is and having all manner of wonderful new experiences.

Although I had only known Chris a few years we immediately resonated with our experiences, perspectives and insights into human consciousness and its evolution. What marked our dialogues, apart from the depth and breadth of topics discussed, was the often significant portion of respectful, deep and profound shared silence. He had a wonderful way with words but a very good way without them too!

Chris was a true Pioneer and I do hope that others will credit him for his achievements over the earlier decade of his life. More recently he has been writing and teaching on Full Spectrum Intelligence, the 21st Century Taoist and the Modern Wisdom School; much of which is included in his blogs on this website. He also wrote the draft proposals that were to become the Galileo Commission; a major initiative to extend science.

Like many other pioneers, those of us who are ahead of their time, he was probably not appreciated fully for the depth, breadth and sincerity of the insights and wisdom he shared. But I, for one, thank him enormously for daring to suggest what just might, sometime in a not too distant future, become our new normal!

Now, he will probably be skiing with the angels . . .

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