Just an idea

They do say that moving house is one of the most stressful things that a human can do. Or, put another way, it can provide invaluable learning experiences.

We are currently looking for a new home. When I was in short-term lets and house shares I rather liked living on the top floor. Partly because there was no one moving about, making a noise above me, to disturb me. Partly because I like to look out of a window to see blue sky and clouds. I find that very relaxing and inspirational.

And so it comes about that one of the potential properties we were viewing, to possible buy, had a converted attic. Plenty of space to use as my home office. I was so excited at the prospect of having an attic den.

The space was indeed promising and the view from the sky light, inspiring. But the steps up to it were steep and I am not getting any younger. And we would need that space for storage too: how would we get things up there? And attic spaces are notoriously cold in winter and too hot in summer.

As it happens there were other things not quite right about that property and so we did not make an offer. But it did all make me see that my dream of an attic den was just an idea. In this example, at least, an unrealistic whim. Impractical.

Is that not the case with so many ideas? How often do we get attached to dreams or ideologies that just do not translate to the real world?

And so I grieve, for that dream and others . . . and for the whole notion of pie, or work spaces, in the sky that need, above all else, to be grounded . . . in day-to-day, practical necessity.

Is this not what conscious evolution and individual, personal growth are all about? Integrating the higher consciousness of unfettered possibilities with the consciousness or harsh, physical reality?

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