Double Vision

Following my recent eye surgery I am now getting used to my new glasses. In general my vision is significantly improved from 6-months and a few years ago. But with the big issues largely resolved (cataracts, extreme myopia) other issues are becoming more noticeable. In particular, some double vision.

If I am looking at, say, a windowsill, this is how it appears to my unaided eyes:

The image from one eye is above and slightly angled compared to the other. It also varies depending on which part of the eye I am looking out of – but that is not my concern here.

So I have double vision, which is very hard for my brain to accommodate.

What has this got to do with conscious evolution, I hear you ask!

As above so below. It strikes me that my physical double vision, what my eyes seem to be seeing, reflects and is reflected in the double vision within my mind.

My rational mind sees things with a particular ‘bottom line’. Like most people I was brought up to believe that everything has to make logical sense and/or that bottom line, financial figure, is the only one that matters . . .

With my inner vision however, I see things very differently. The Bottom Line has nothing to do with Logic or finances. What really matters. my inner self, and indeed heart tell me, is a deep sense of immersion in life itself, love, connection. Meaningful engagement and belonging.

And so my mind is faced with this double vision. On one hand a typical conditioned human perspective, on the other a much deeper spiritual awareness.

Thus, just as my mind struggles to bring together the very different images from my two eyes, so it also struggles to integrate conventional human and inner perspectives on life. The mental splits of which I have spoken previously.

It is no coincidence, I feel, that I struggle most with my physical double vision at times when I am also coming to terms with some particular example of mental splits; such as accommodating the reality in the Ukraine in the same mental space as a knowing as to how wise and compassionate human beings can be . . .

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