My autistic trait

Of recent weeks I have been exploring neurodiversity. This wonderful movement seeks a shift from the labelling and diagnostics of such conditions as autism, ADHD and Auspergers as problems. Instead it acknowledges that we are all different. We all think differently. Our brains are all wired differently which means that we might behave differently too. That is the way things are. There is nothing wrong with any of us.

Thus, rather than highlighting a given difference in a negative way, neurodiversity highlights these traits as positives. Innovation and creativity, for example, or the ability to focus on one small area of detail. There are times and places where these abilities can be invaluable to society.

Those with autism, for example, tend to be very honest. They will naturally speak the truth . . . In any and all circumstances. At present however this is often seen as a problem; such individuals will struggle because they are too honest.

I have always got very frustrated when people do not say what they mean or mean what I say. Whilst I was never diagnosed as autistic, I can resonate with a number of autistic traits, truthfulness being high amongst those.

The truth, the reality, for example, of covid, is that it is in community, it is out there. 0 cases is now unrealistic. We are all likely to get it and will continue to get it as it mutates. So let us accept that reality and get on with life!

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